Ben Swann’s Pizza Gate Reality Check Segment


Ben Swann gives an introduction to ‘Pizza Gate’ on CBS Atlanta.

Just a basic rundown on the subject, but it’s a good start. Swann has since cancelled an ISIS documentary he was working on and temporarily ‘gone dark’ on social media, posting the below images & captions and informing fans to ‘trust him’.



Feb 1st fell on a Wednesday, not a Tuesday, and also note the spelling ‘Tzuday’ coupled with capitalization of ‘The Sun’. It’s possible this is a reference to Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu, author of The Art of War. One of his best-known tactics was to ‘go dark’ for a time to avoid leaking plans to the enemy, and then striking before the enemy had time to protect themselves. Feb 1st was also the day that Attorney General appointee Jeff Sessions was to be approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee.


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